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Velký rozřaďovací test (Placement test) úrovní Beginner až Elementary varianta A


Tento test ve dvou variantách (A, B) prověří úroveň vašich jazykových znalostí v 80 úlohách. Zapište písmeno jediné správné možnosti. Při úspěšnosti nad 80% patříte do vyšší uvedené úrovně. Vyzkoušejte pak také i druhou variantu tohoto testu.

1 Hi. What’s __________?
A you name B your name C the name D name

2 Mr Green is __________ English teacher.
A our B us C we D you

3 How __________ you today? – I’m fine, thanks.
A are B is C be D am

4 We are __________ the classroom.
A on B in C at D with

5 __________ are fifteen students in my class.
A These B Them C There D Their

6 Look at __________ aeroplane in the sky! It’s very big!
A these B this C it D that

7 __________ the time? –It’s five o’ clock.
A What’s B Where’s C When’s D How’s

8 Franco comes __________ Costa Rica.
A for B in C at D from

9 Where do you __________ from? – Barcelona in Spain.
A come B comes C be D go

10 Franco __________ like eating English breakfast.
A don’t B doesn’t C aren’t D isn’t

11 How __________ is that CD player? – It’s £19.50.
A cost B price C many D much

12 Yolanda comes to school __________ train.
A on B with C in D by

13 __________ you walk to school or take a bus?
A Are B Is C Does D Do

14 Elephants ____________ drink a lot of water every day.
A must B need C was D has

15 Franco __________ 7 years old in 1999.
A are B am C were D was

16 Where __________ Carla and Yuri on Saturday afternoon?
A was B is C were D we’re

17 How old __________ you in 2002?
A are B have C were D had

18 Yuri __________ breakfast at half past eight yesterday morning.
A has B have C were D had

19 Did you see the news on TV ____________ ten o’clock?
A at B on C in D from

20 Franco __________ to the cinema after the lesson.
A did go B went C wanted D gone

21 Where did you see Titanic? –I __________ it at Cineworld.
A saw B see C seen D look

22 __________ you bring your dictionary yesterday?
A Did B Are C Was D Has

23 I ____________ my shoes because they were dirty.
A took B took off C took out D took from

24 Today is ____________ than yesterday.
A much cold B more cold C colder D cold

25 We don’t ____________ stay at school after the lesson today.
A must B have to C ought to D should

26 Which book are you ____________ in the summer?
A read B going to read C will read D have read

27 We ____________ go to school yesterday because it was Sunday.
A don’t B wasn’t C didn’t D weren’t

28 This book is ____________ than that one.
A difficulty B much difficult C more difficult D difficult

29 What ____________ you going to do tomorrow evening?
A did B was C are D can

30 ____________ Russian? –No, I can’t.
A Can you speak B You can speak C Speak D Speak you

31 Do you come from Mexico? – No, I ____________. I come from Costa Rica.
A ’m not B don’t C didn’t D doesn’t

32 She ____________ television every evening.
A watch B watches C to watch D sees

33 He goes skiing ____________ winter.
A very B ever C every D always

34 What time do you ____________ up on school days?
A used B usual C use D usually

35 The Pyramid of the Sun is ____________ Mexico.
A from B on C in D at

36 Are there ____________ big sports stadiums near your home?
A any B some C the D a

37 I ____________ visit my grandma on Sunday afternoons.
A some time B sometimes C some D sometime

38 ____________ the most famous singer from your country?
A Who’s B Whose C How’s D What’s

39 How ____________ do you watch a film in English? – Every month.
A often B much C many D every

40 Are you good ____________ swimming?
A in B for C on D at

41 Stella’s father is a ____________ . He built my house.
A build B building C builder D built

42 Is this Stella’s hat? – No, it isn’t Stella’s, it’s ____________ .
A me B I C my D mine

43 ____________ Language Powerbook is this? Is it yours?
A Who’s B Whose C How’s D Who

44 We ____________ the history of Napoleon last year.
A study B studying C studies D studied

45 ____________ about calculus in your Maths class?
A Had you learn B did you learnt C Was you learn D Did you learn

46 I ____________ this coat at a shop in London last summer.
A bought B brought C buy D bring

47 The hunter didn’t ____________ the tiger with his gun.
A shot B shooting C shoot D shoots

48 How ____________ CDs do you buy each year?  –About 25, I think.
A many B much C any D some

49 How ____________ sugar do you put in your coffee?
A many B much C any D some

50 Can you get me a ____________ of mineral water please?
A bag B packet C box D bottle

51 How much homework ____________ every weekend?
A do you have to do B are you have to do C do you must to do D are you must to do

52 Do you eat ____________ fruit?
A many B much C a lot of D a few

53 ____________ stand and touch your toes?
A Can you B Have you C Are you D Able you

54 We can go to school and use the library on Saturday afternoons if you like. But we ____________.
A mustn’t. B don’t have to. C can’t. D don’t used to.

55 Can you speak ____________? I can’t understand you.
A slow B more slowly C more slow D slowest

56 What are you doing ____________?
A every day B at the moment C often D usually

57 What is Stella ____________ today?
A wear B wearing C to wear D wore

58 The car is driving ____________ the tunnel under the Thames.
A across B through C over D between

59 John is visiting his girlfriend. He always ____________ her on Friday evenings.
A visiting B visits C visited D to visit

60 Her mobile phone is ____________ than mine.
A much expensive B more expensive C many expensive D a lot expensive

61 My Mum says my brother’s room is ____________ than mine.
A tidy B tidier C tidiest D tidily

62 Sao Paolo is ____________ biggest city in South America.
A a B an C the D than

63 Don’t buy that CD. It’s not very good. You ____________ enjoy it.
A will B can C won’t D must

64 ____________ you ever visited an English-speaking country?
A Was B Did C Have D Are

65 ____________ you going to be at home this evening?
A Was B Did C Have D Are

66 Mrs Thomas isn’t going ____________ the health club.
A join B to join C joining D joined

67 David borrowed some money ____________ a car.
A to buy B buying C buy D going to buy

68 ____________ never seen a tornado.
A I’ve B I’m C I haven’t D I was

69 Leo ____________ his girlfriend. She’s taking her driving test.
A have just phone B has just phoned C did just phoned D is just phone

70 Simon has lost ____________ mobile phone.
A he B its C his D their

71 She’s bought some sandwiches ____________ her lunch.
A from B for C to D in

72 Is Moscow usually warm ____________ summer?
A at B for C to D in

73 (telephone) Hello. ____________ I speak to Carol Turnbull, please?
A Can B Have C Must D Am

74 ____________ those your new trousers?
A Is B Am C Be D Are

75 Cities are much ____________ than they were in the past.
A noise B noisy C noisier D noisiest

76 I can’t ____________ without my glasses.
A hear B see C watch D look

77 Did you come here ____________ car?
A with your B on your C by your D by

78 You can have either orange juice ____________ tomato juice.
A or B neither C nor D both

79 What’s the time? – It’s half ____________ six.
A before B to C after D past

80 The weather’s beautiful today. ____________ sunny and warm.
A There is B It has C It’s D Its


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