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Velký rozřaďovací test (Placement test) úrovní Pre-Intermediate až Intermediate varianta A


Tento test ve dvou variantách (A, B) prověří úroveň vašich jazykových znalostí v 80 úlohách. Zapište písmeno jediné správné možnosti. Při úspěšnosti nad 80% patříte do vyšší uvedené úrovně. Vyzkoušejte pak také i druhou variantu tohoto testu.

1 I __________ 50 years old in 2030. A is B am C will be D am being

2 There aren’t __________ students in the class today. A much B some C many D none

3 Excuse me? Can I buy __________ green apples please? A a few B less C a bit D a little

4 Sorry, we have __________ green apples. A no B none C any D nothing

5 Sorry, I __________ here on Thursday. I have to go to the dentist. A is B ’m C ’ll be D won’t be

6 __________ my brothers live in the U.S.A. A Neither B Both C Any D None

7 When it rains we __________ inside. A go B went C are going D goes

8 What __________ you do if there is a blackout? A shall B will C are D have

9 If you throw a stone into the water, it __________. A sinks B sank C sunk D is sinking

10 Who __________ you talk to when you have a problem? A did B do C does D will do

11 I __________ to your flat if you don’t want me to come. A ’ll come B ’m coming C won’t come D don’t come

12 If she __________ recharge her battery, she won’t be able to use her phone. A doesn’t B isn’t C hasn’t D wasn’t

13 If I didn’t like cooking, I __________ be a chef. A won’t B haven’t C didn’t D wouldn’t

14 Would you go into space if you __________ the chance? A have B had C has D will have

15 If I lost my handbag, I __________ the police. A phone B ’m phone C ’ll phone D ’d phone

16 Who __________ the washing-up in your house? A makes B does C has D gets

17 How are you? I haven’t seen you __________ a long time? A since B after C before D for

18 I haven’t eaten any meat __________ I became a vegetarian. A since B after C until D before

19 I __________ her since she went to Germany. A haven’t seen B didn’t see C wasn’t seen D won’t see

20 He __________ in this house until he died in 1998. A lives B has lived C lived D living

21 We __________ French by Mr Dubois, the French teacher. A teach B were taught C learnt D taught

22 The race __________ by Paul Lucas in 92.8 seconds. A was won B has won C is won D had won

23 How __________ have you had this boat? A much B far C long D time

24 What time did you __________ go to bed when you were ten years old? A must B should C have to D ought to

25 I’ll come and see you after I __________ my essay. A finished B will finish C have finished D did finishes

26 Don’t start making the pasta until I __________ you. A will phone B ’m phoning C phoned D phone

27 Paul McCartney comes from Liverpool, __________ he? A isn’t B doesn’t C hasn’t D didn’t

28 This is the painting __________ was stolen in 2004. A what B who C where D which

29 The teacher told me __________ worry about my exam results. A not to B not C don’t D don’t to

30 The teacher told me __________. A to relax B relaxing C relax D relaxed

31 __________ anything about astronomy? A Do you know B Are you know C Have you know D Do you knowing

32 Napoleon Bonaparte __________ in Corsica. A was born B is born C born D to be born

33 I __________ Portuguese because I lived in Brazil for ten years. A understand B ’m understanding C to understand D ‘ll understand

34 She can’t run in the race because she __________ her leg. A broke B has broken C breaks D is breaking

35 They arrived after the party __________. A finished B had finished C was finished D finish

36 John __________ a brown jacket when I saw him. A wore B was wearing C has worn D wears

37 William Shakespeare __________ in this house when he was a child. A had lived B used to live C would live D lives

38 The film was awful and we were very __________. A bored B boring C bore D boredom

39 Are you three boys __________ in the back of the car? A comfort B comfortable C comforted D comforting

40 Have you __________ finished your assignment? A complete B completed C full D completely

41 I couldn’t take any pictures because I__________ my camera at home. A ’d left B ’m leaving C to leave D ’ve left

42 When I got home I saw that my brother __________ all the chocolates! The box was empty! A had eaten B has eaten C ate D eats

43 In the evenings, we used to sit around the piano and our mother __________ our favourite songs. A played B would play C plays D will play

44 I__________ David Copperfield for two weeks but I haven’t finished it yet. A ’ve read B ’ve been reading C read D ’m reading

45 You look very tired. __________ you been working too hard? A Did B Was C Have D Are

46 “I’d like to introduce __________. My name is Dahlia Ross.” A myself B yourself C me D ourselves

47 They love __________ very much and they are going to get married. A others B themselves C ourselves D each other

48 She hurt __________ when she was gardening. A herself B itself C himself D myself

49 I __________ of ghosts. A frighten B am frightened C am frightening D frightened

50 All the children __________ presents by Father Christmas. A give B were giving C gave D were given

51 The thief __________ by a security camera. A was watching B was be watched C was been watched D was being watched

52 She went to the salon __________. A to make her hair cut B to be her hair cut C to do her hair cut D to get her hair cut

53 The grass in front of his house __________ for two months! A hasn’t cut B hasn’t been cut C didn’t cut D not cut

54 We__________ to Italy for our holidays next June. I’ve already booked a hotel in Florence. A ’ll go B ’re going C go D went

55 In fifty years from now, the earth __________ much warmer. A is B be C will be D is being

56 Iguacu is the largest waterfall in __________ South America. A the B — C a D any

57 He is __________ officer in the army. A the B — C a D an

58 __________ United Kingdom consists of four countries; Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England. A The B — C a D An

59 Is your hair __________ or straight? A curls B curled C curly D curling

60 She’s very young to be Prime Minister. She’s only in her __________ thirties. A later B late C lately D latest

61 Look at that girl in her Ferrari. She __________ be very rich! A should B can C must D may

62 Don’t forget to take an umbrella. It __________ rain! A must B can C ought D may

63 That __________ Brad Pitt — not in this small town! A mustn’t be B mightn’t be C can’t be D shouldn’t be

64 George hates everything. He must be very __________. A cheerful B comfortable C miserable D positive

65 It was a warm day when they returned, so they __________ switch on the heating. A had to B weren’t able to C can’t D didn’t have to

66 She __________ ride a bicycle until she was twelve years old. A can’t B couldn’t C hadn’t D isn’t

67 If I hadn’t got married when I was eighteen, I__________ to university to study agriculture. A ’d go B ’d have gone C ‘ll go D was going

68 She __________ a great ballet dancer if she hadn’t grown so tall. A will have been B will be C had to be D would have been

69 She wouldn’t have become a millionaire business woman if she __________ hard at school. A hadn’t worked B had worked C didn’t work D worked

70 She told me that she __________ her car when she was driving to work. A was crashing B had been crashing C had to crash D had crashed

71 Mrs Fielding said she __________ help me with singing. A would B need C ought D is able

72 The doctor asked me what I __________ when I broke my leg. A doing B had been doing C have been doing D ‘m going to do

73 At the job interview, they asked me where I __________ for the last two years. A work B ’ll work C had been working D ’m working

74 How long __________ in Austria? – Almost two years, now. A are you living B have you been living C will you be living D did you live

75 They wanted to know how tall I __________ so they measured me. A have B have been C had D was

76 Don’t stop __________ you have finished the test! A first B since C until D to

77 __________ she is only 13, she is an expert violinist and has played with orchestras on TV! A Because B Although C Despite D Even

78 I wish I __________ understand Spanish! A could B can’t C able D can

79 I feel so sleepy! I __________ such a big lunch! A mustn’t have eaten B shouldn’t have eaten C wouldn’t have eaten D couldn’t have eaten

80 I’d make you some coffee but I forgot __________ some coffee beans. A to buy B bought C buying D buy


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