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Velký rozřaďovací test (Placement test) úrovní Elementary až Pre-Intermediate varianta A


Tento test ve dvou variantách (A, B) prověří úroveň vašich jazykových znalostí v 80 úlohách. Zapište písmeno jediné správné možnosti. Při úspěšnosti nad 80% patříte do vyšší uvedené úrovně. Vyzkoušejte pak také i druhou variantu tohoto testu.

1 We __________ tennis at five o’clock every Thursday. A playing B are playing C play D plays

2 Last year I __________ to Costa Rica. A go B am going C have gone D went

3 Where __________ Paul work now? A do B is C does D have

4 Cats__________ to eat fish. A like B are liking C likes D is liking

5 Did you see Susan yesterday? – No, I __________. A haven’t B hadn’t C don’t D didn’t

6 There’s a cinema in the town centre __________ there? A isn’t B hasn’t C wasn’t D doesn’t

7 Look! The cat __________ on your bed. A sleeps B is sleeping C sleep D sleeping

8 It’s Sunday so I __________ get up early. A haven’t to B didn’t had C hadn’t to D don’t have to

9 Does Marcus earn __________ money? A many B lots C the D a lot of

10 Have you ever __________ to Bangkok? A go B been C went D gone

11 If the weather is good, I __________ the children to the park. A took B taken C take D have taken

12 __________ any students from Hungary in my class. A It isn’t B There isn’t C It hasn’t D There aren’t

13 In the future, everyone __________ a computer in their car. A is having B has C having D will have

14 It’s late. Let’s go __________ home. A along B through C back D down

15 Helena __________ to Paris last year. A went B has gone C goes D did go

16 This is the __________ film I’ve ever seen. A worse B most bad C bad D worst

17 When __________ the party? A have you left B do you left C did you left D did you leave

18 Dad can’t come to the phone because he __________ the dinner. A will cook B is cooking C cooks D cooked

19 Terry drives too fast, __________ he? A isn’t B doesn’t C won’t D don’t

20 __________ happened to your car? It’s scratched! A Which B Who C What D Why

21 If you __________ ice, it melts. A will heat B heated C heats D heat

22 He needs __________ new printer. He should buy one soon. A some B the C a D an

23 I __________ in ghosts. A am not believe B don’t believing C aren’t believe D don’t believe

24 Only __________ students in my class wear glasses. A a little B a lot C a few D any

25 The train has probably left __________. A yet B already C still D just

26 There is __________ at home. I’ve been ringing all day. A no one B everyone C someone D anyone

27 I thought the book was very __________. A excitement B exciting C excited D excite

28 Dolphins are more intelligent __________ chimpanzees. A as B from C than D to

29 The dentist told me __________ my teeth after every meal. A to clean B clean C cleaning D cleaned

30 Mercedes __________ a new car. It’s called the Smart car. A had built B have built C build D building

31 I haven’t seen John __________ 2001. A for B since C until D before

32 I think your letter is __________ on my desk. A anywhere B everywhere C nowhere D somewhere

33 I tried __________ the trainers but they didn’t fit me. A on B in C into D for

34 __________ from Italy? A Does you come B Am you come C Do you come D Are you come

35 Everyone __________ to learn a musical instrument. A should B can C must D ought

36 Where can I get __________ information about the sports centre? A any B an C a D some

37 The hotel … by a large fire. A is destroyed B destroy C was destroyed D destroys

38 The dog is hungry. She __________ something to eat. A must B has to C can D needs

39 Is that __________ car over there? A they B their C them D there

40 Paulo is Brazilian, __________? A is he B isn’t he C does he D doesn’t he

41 Ouch! I__________ my finger! A ’m just cutting B had just cut C ’ll just cut D ’ve just cut

42 What’s __________? A your hotel name B your hotel’s name C name your hotel D the name of your hotel

43 The manager will see you __________ Tuesday morning. A in B on C at D during

44 Next year, I__________ seventeen. A ’ll be B ’m being C be D can be

45 Nicky __________ a film when the fire started. A was watching B is watching C watches D will watch

46 ‘Have you ever seen an eclipse?’ – ‘No, I __________: A didn’t B don’t C hadn’t D haven’t

47 Nathan is very selfish. He never thinks about __________ people. A every B any C other D some

48 The Mona Lisa __________ by Leonardo da Vinci. A paint B painted C is painted D was painted

49 I’m sorry. Peter isn’t here. He __________ out. A goes B has gone C will go D is going

50 __________ help you to carry your suitcase? A Shall he B Shall they C Shall I D Shall you

51 __________ a lot of rain in Colombia. A It’s B There are C Is D There is

52 Diana hasn’t got __________ money. A any B some C no D many

53 I need __________ milk for my coffee. A some B any C a D an

54 Look! The cat is in the tree. We should __________ it. A help B helping C to help D will help

55 Who __________ your car? A stole B to steal C stolen D steals

56 If you __________ me with my homework, I’ll buy you a burger. A helped B will help C help D helping

57 Alan __________ his dog for three walks a day. A is taking B takes C take D taking

58 Soon cars __________ use petrol. They’ll all be electric. A don’t B can’t haven’t C aren’t D won’t

59 Simon looked at me and __________. A laugh B laughs C laughed D to laugh

60 He’s the best football player in the school. __________ is as good as him. A No one B Nothing C Anyone D Everyone

61 What __________ to do? A are you want B is you want C do you want D does you want

62 Are these __________ books? A yours B you C yourself D your

63 __________ talking, please! A Stopping B Stop C To stop D Stopped

64 What is the __________ mammal in the world? A big B bigger C biggest D most big

65 Can you see __________ people over there? They’re dancing. A them B these C those D that

66 I __________ your jacket is in the sitting room. A think B thought C am thinking D will think

67 __________ a lot of people on this train. A There is B It is C There are D They are

68 My brother can cook very __________, can’t he? A best B well C good D better

69 Do you __________ clean your bedroom at home? A have to B ought to C must D need

70 Is this the boy __________ bike you found? A who B whose C that D which

71 When __________ finish? A did you B you C have you D are you

72 Usually Sue cycles to college but today she __________. A walking B walks C is walking D walk

73 The sign says no parking. You __________ park here. A must B mustn’t C don’t need to D should

74 Write soon and give me all your __________. A information B stories C news D facts

75 What are you doing __________ Sunday afternoon? A in B at C to D on

76 Could you pass me my diary? It’s __________ the desk. A at B on C from D to

77 Everybody says that Rio de Janeiro is very __________. A beauty B beautifully C beautiful D more beautiful

78 Excuse __________, can I order a cheeseburger, please? A you B I C it D me

79 __________ these shoes in size 37, please? A Are you got B Have you got C Do you got D You got

80 My friend is coming to stay with me __________ two weeks in the summer. A since B until C for D during


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