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Fill in the correct preposition: and, after (2x), as soon as, because, before, but, if (2x), or, than (2x), that, when, while.

  1. had arrived, he called me immediately.
  2. you go with us, you will see it yourself.
  3. He says he does not know her.
  4. The task is more difficult we have thought.
  5. Call me you can.
  6. Take it leave it.
  7. we arrived, the film had already started.
  8. We are tired, we have been working all afternoon.
  9. Come to me tell me about it.
  10. you leave, don´t forget to close the window.
  11. He has to stay in a bed he is a little better now.
  12. Everything was better she had come.
  13. I had enough money, I would certainly buy it.
  14. He is taller me.
  15. It was raining we were waiting for the bus.


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