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Fill in the correct preposition.

  1. The meeting ended shortly she had left.
  2. He looks he did not understand.
  3. Don´t get off the train stops.
  4. Ask your teacher you see him.
  5. We know them better you do.
  6. Paul said he had been to Poland before.
  7. We have not heard from him he left to the U.S.A.
  8. I doubt it is true.
  9. She has not answered to his letter yet. He is, , very patient.
  10. he had not come there, he would not have seen her again.
  11. you have made a promise, you should keep it.
  12. she had left, she watered all the plants.
  13. It is all OK you can see from my report.
  14. I have told him about it he knows everything.
  15. Either come at least ring me up.


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Obtížnost:Pokročilý / C1-C2

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