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Předložkové vazby (on) / Phrases with "on"


Doplňte do mezer vhodnou frázi z nabídky. / Complete each sentence with one of the phrases from the list below.


on business, on fire, on foot, on guard, on the increase, on his mind, on his own, on the phone, on the radio, on sale, on strike, on time, on holiday, On average, On the other hand

  1. His latest hit is in all good record shops.
  2. He prepared the whole meal . I offered to help, but he wanted to show he could do it.
  3. She spends hours talking to all her friends.
  4. I’ve never known this bus to arrive . Normally, it arrives about five minutes late.
  5. The staff threatened to go if the management did not meet their demands.
  6. It looks as if the whole building is . There are flames everywhere.
  7. I had a feeling he could have something . He’ s not really concentrating on what he’s doing…
  8. We had to complete the journey after the car ran out of petrol.
  9. There was a soldier at the main entrance so I took a photo of him in his uniform.
  10. I was listening to some music when there was a news flash about the accident on the motorway.
  11. The latest figures show that crime is , especially in urban areas.
  12. Ms Swanson is away at the moment, visiting one of our agents, and unfortunately her secretary is not in here either.
  13. , it is not so bad. It could have been even worse…
  14. We do not have many students just now. , there are five to six per group.
  15. Could you please call her private number? She is away  .


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