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Přídavná jména a příslovce v kontextu


Vyberte do věty správný tvar přídavného jména nebo příslovce. / Choose the correct form of the adjective or adverb to complete the sentence.

  1. In the smaller villages, it’s very quiet at nights.
  2. Where can you draw the line between military and civilian targets?
  3. The article described developments in the search for a cure for AIDS.
  4. You’ll have to excuse Joanna – she’s feeling rather  at the moment.
  5. Her cherry pie always looks and tastes delicious.
  6. I’ve never played ice hockey – it’s far too .
  7. enough, he never actually said that he was innocent.
  8. The lights are too in here – they’re hurting my eyes.
  9. He died in his sleep.
  10. He had a heart attack while he was on holiday.
  11. Your children are always very .
  12. She can sing very .
  13. I just want a snack. Just a cheese sandwich, please.
  14. I think this student is a very reader.
  15. The roads are slippery, drive !


Přidáno:7.února 2009 23:17
Naposledy otevřeno:26.listopadu 2020 8:00
Obtížnost:Pokročilý / C1-C2

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