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Ustálená předložková spojení – slovesa 3 / Prepositional phrases – Verbs 3


Doplňte do každé věty správnou předložku (of, for, in, to). / Complete each sentence with the correct preposition (of, for, in, to).

Verbs 3

  1. The test consisted two written papers and an interview.
  2. I’ve kept the luggage label as a souvenir to remind me  the wonder holiday we had.
  3. After taking a general course she decided to specialise  tropical medicine.
  4. After trying for an hour I finally succeeded  starting the car.
  5. Where will I find the money to pay a new suit?
  6. That coat belongs Andrew and this is Richard’s.
  7. Some guests have objected having to pay extra to use the swimming pool. I’m not surprised they’re annoyed!
  8. Army helicopters were brought in to help search  the missing children.
  9. I had never **believed ** ghosts until I stayed at a mysterious old house in the country.
  10. He wrote a letter **apologising ** all the trouble he had caused.
  11. He’s the person in charge. I blame him the mix-up.
  12. By the way she spoke you could see that she didn’t approve  the arrangements for the wedding.
  13. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive her the way she made me look such fool in front of all those people.
  14. The policeman accused him breaking into the house but he said he could prove he had been somewhere else.
  15. Let’s hope the best. You never know – the weather might clear anyway.


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Obtížnost:Pokročilý / C1-C2

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