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Doplňte správný tvar slovesa.

  1. What´s George´s sis­ter like? I have no idea. I meet  .
  2. How is Amy these days? I don´t know. I see her recently.
  3. Are you hungry? Yes, I eat much today.
  4. Can you play chess? Yes, but I play for ages.
  5. Did you enjoy your holidays? Yes, it is the best holiday I have for a long time.
  6. What´s the book like? I don´t know. I read  it.
  7. Is Brussels an iteresting place? I have no idea. I be  there.
  8. Mike was late for work again today. Again? He be every day this week.
  9. Do you like caviar? I dont know. I try  it.
  10. The car broke down again yesterday. Not again! That´s the second time it happen this week.
  11. Who is that woman by the door? I don´t know. I see before.

Doplňte větu za použití today, this year, this term apod.

12. I saw Tom yesterday but I .

13. Last year the company made a profit but this year  .

14. Tracy worked hard at school last term but this term.

15. It snowed a lot last winter but .


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