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Frázová slovesa 1 (up) / Phrasal verbs 1 (up)


Doplňte každou větu správným tvarem některého ze sloves. / Complete each sentence using the correct form of the verb given.

Phrasal verbs with up 1

  1. They needed the explosives to up a railway bridge.
  2. The thieves him up and stole all his money.
  3. That´s the third time train fares have up this year!
  4. There you are at last! I was wondering when you´d   up !
  5. You´ll have to up because he´s a bit deaf.
  6. I went on a course to up my German.
  7. You´ve got my phone number, so me up any time you´re in the neighbourhood.
  8. Don´t forget to up all this mess before you go to bed.
  9. When I´m on holiday, I can lie in bed and up when I feel like doing it.
  10. It´s a formal dinner so you´ll have to up for it.
  11. I´ll only complain if the others agree to me up.
  12. Their parents said they could and watch the late-night film.
  13. I was standing at the bus stop when a man up and asked me the way to the station.
  14. He joined the course late and had difficulty to up .
  15. To up, we need money urgently.


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