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Adjective or Adverb 2


Multiple-choice test: choose the correct answer.

1. Why are you ? a) angry, b) angrily

2. You are always so , come on! a) slow, b) slowly

3. Those chocolates look Can I have one? a) nice, b) nicely

4. She opened the door . a) slow, b) slowly

5. It is a beautiful day. a) clear, b) clearly

6. You write so . Look at these mistakes. a) careless, b) carelessly

7. If you drive don´t be surprised if you have an accident. a) recklessly, b) reckless

8. It was not a hard assignment because Mr. Brown explained it . a) careful, b) carefully

9. Karen is the best student in class. She studies . a) hard, b) hardly

10. Be to visitors if you want them to come back to your country. a) pleasant, b) pleasantly

11. I could not sleep last night, so I feel horrible today. a) good, b) well

12. She is a poor driver. She can´t stop the car . a) smoothly, b) smooth

13. The problem requires a evaluation. a) serious, b) seriously

14. He speaks so that I can't understand him. a) fast, b) fastly

15. She is an opera singer. She sings . a) beautiful, b) beautifully


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Obtížnost:Mírně pokročilý / B1-B2

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