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Ustálená předložková spojení – přídavná jména 2 / Prepositional phrases – Adjectives 2


Doplňte do každé věty správnou předložku (at, to, on, for, of). / Complete each sentence with the correct preposition (at, to, on, for, of).

Adjectives 2

  1. She was jealous her friend because she had a better dress.
  2. The waste paper bin was full crumpled sheets of paper.
  3. This computer is capable producing sophisticated graphics.
  4. The town is especially famous its elegant architecture.
  5. I felt very ashamed making such a stupid mistake.
  6. After weeks of preparation the hall is nearly ready  the grand opening.
  7. Could you add this up for me? I’m not very good  maths.
  8. Who is responsible writing those words on the wall?
  9. She was so proud her nephew’s achi­evement that she couldn’t stop talking about it.
  10. It took some time to get accustomed the pace of life in the country after the frantic atmosphere of the town.
  11. We try to eat food which is typical the region in which we are travelling.
  12. Are you aware any reason why he should be late?
  13. They built nuclear power stations so as not to be dependent  coal as their main source of energy.
  14. This is not really relevant our discussion so can we get back to the main point of the meeting?
  15. He sleeps with the light on because he’s afraid  the dark.


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