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Ustálená předložková spojení – přídavná jména 3 / Prepositional phrases – Adjectives 3


Doplňte do každé věty správnou předložku (at, from, to, with, on, for, of). / Complete each sentence with the correct preposition (at, from, to, with, on, for, of).

Adjectives 3

  1. Because of the flu epidemic many staff were absent  work.
  2. They were suspicious so they kept following us around and watching what we were doing.
  3. I feel really sorry her because she has to do all the work while the others go out and enjoy themselves.
  4. They won’t be satisfied just a small party! They’ll want to invite every single one of their friends!
  5. I must hurry or I’ll be late work.
  6. She’s never been very keen going to meetings so I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t turn up.
  7. The jury found him guilty robbing the bank.
  8. We’re totally opposed the road-widening scheme and will fight it all the way.
  9. She’s much better driving than he is.
  10. I’m a bit short money at the moment so could you pay?
  11. She’s not really suitable this job. We wanted someone older.
  12. This incident is very similar what happened yesterday except that it was later on in the day.
  13. She wouldn’t tell her father because she was terrified  what he might do if he lost his temper.
  14. I can recognise faces but I’m terrible remembering names!
  15. He got tired hearing the same old excuses, day after day.


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Obtížnost:Pokročilý / C1-C2

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