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Ustálená předložková spojení – slovesa 4 / Prepositional phrases – Verbs 4


Doplňte do každé skupiny správnou předložku (to, for, of, in). / Complete each group with the correct preposition (to, for, of, in).

Verbs 4

  1. accuse murder/breaking in/not caring
  2. apologise my mistake/being late/forgetting
  3. approve all-night TV/his friend/smoking
  4. believe healthy exercise/eating well/ghosts
  5. belong my dog/a friend of mine/everyone
  6. blame the disaster/what happened/getting angry
  7. consist two parts/three sections/five papers
  8. forgive what he did/leaving me/not asking
  9. hope the best/a good result/better luck next time!
  10. object the by-pass/paying extra/using my phone
  11. pay the meal/having my car fixed/wasting so much time
  12. remind my holiday/the time we…/something that happened to me…
  13. search the solution/the missing children/somewhere to stay
  14. specialise fast food/commercial French/selling furniture
  15. succeed my attempts to…/meeting her/passing my exam


Přidáno:27.ledna 2009 22:36
Naposledy otevřeno:1.dubna 2020 22:36
Obtížnost:Pokročilý / C1-C2

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