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Předložkové vazby (in) / Phrases with "in"


Doplňte do mezer vhodnou frázi z nabídky. / Complete each sentence with one of the phrases from the list below.


in fact, in common, in the end, in ink, in love, in a moment, in order to, in pain, in the past, in pieces, in addition to, in public, in silence, in tears, in time

  1. I found her after her boyfriend had walked out on her, so I tried to cheer her up.
  2. He wasn’t too happy at first but we managed to persuade him.
  3. In the exam you must write your answers , not pencil, otherwise you’ll be in trouble!
  4. The dog was obviously so the vet gave him an injection in order to stop it hurting so much.
  5. They listened to him and even after he’d finished, it was some time before anyone spoke.
  6. families used to stay together but nowadays they often live in different parts of the country.
  7. If we hurry we might get to the station .
  8. She looks confident but- believe me or not- she’s never sung before today.
  9. They have so little but in spite of this he’s still going out with her.
  10. In addition to the mirror, I found a vase lying on the floor.
  11. He should be back so would you like to sit down and wait for him?
  12. You could tell they were by the way they walked along hand in hand and kept gazing into each other’s eyes.
  13. I have to go to bed as soon as possible recover after the long journey overnight.
  14. the money, the jewels were missing too.
  15. He looked surprised but –  – he must have known about it.


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