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Gerundium / Gerund


Gerund or infinitive? Prepositions? Multiple-choice test: choose the correct amswer.

1. Teachers must avoid too quickly. a) to speak, b) of speaking, c) in speaking, d) speaking

2. This knife is wood. a) to carve, b) for carve, c) for carving, d) to carving

3. She had difficulty in a parking place. a) to find, b) finding, c) to finding, d) for finding

4. Closing the factory means 200 people out of work. a) to put, b) of putting, c) in putting, d) putting

5. I would never think . a) to escape, b) of to escape, c) of escaping, d) in escaping

6. chocolate is always a big pleasure for me. a) Eating, b) To eat, c) The eating, d) To eating

7. TV is my wife´s favourite pastime! a) To watch, b) Watching, c) To watching, d) The watching

8. They are thinking to America. a) in emigrating, b) to emigrate, c) of emigrating, d) in to emigrate

9. Well, I don´t mind that you were right. a) telling, b) saying, c) to say, d) to tell

10. They say that French is very easy. a) to read, b) reading, c) the reading, d) to reading

11. Besides a liar he has very bad manners. a) being, b) to be, c) of being, d) to being

12. She thanked me her. a) to help, b) to helping, c) for helping, d) for help

13. up the classroom won´t solve your problems. a) Breaking, b) To break, c) To breaking, d) the breaking

14. English is easier than speaking it. a) Reading, b) To read, c) The read, d) The reading

15. I am interested in for them. a) working, b) work, c) to work, d) to working


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Naposledy otevřeno:22.února 2020 23:44
Obtížnost:Mírně pokročilý / B1-B2

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