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Use the werbs in the correct forms (Past Continuous, Past Perfect Simple, Past Perfect Continuous, Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect Simple, Future Perfect Continuous).

  1. After he (write) the letter, he sent it by post.
  2. I (sit) in the plain this time tomorrow.
  3. We (learn) new words from three to five yesterday afternoon.
  4. I (save) some money by the end of this year.
  5. When he retires he (teach) for thirty years.
  6. When I got to the meeting, the first speaker (speak) for about half an hour.
  7. I still (check) my e-mails when he entered.
  8. I (work) when you come back.
  9. Next summer I (live) here for twenty years.
  10. He had much experience, since he (work) in that branch for a long time.
  11. Before he left, he (phone) to the police.
  12. People (live) on other planets in the future.
  13. While she (clean) windows, he was repairing their car.
  14. We thanked them for what they (do) for us.
  15. When the war began he (study) at the university.


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