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Fill in adverbs: faster, nearer, later, lower, more slowly, higher, sooner, fastest, nearest, most slowly, more exactly, highest, deeper, latest, more correctly.

  1. John was running of all, so he won the competition.
  2. In summer the sun is than in winter.
  3. He has come than usually. Maybe he wanted to be the first.
  4. Today I will come , I have to finish the project.
  5. Which campsite is to us?
  6. Can you speak , please. I do not understand well.
  7. Can you walk ? We have to catch the train.
  8. She explained it to us .
  9. Which of the mountains lies ?
  10. Brno is than Ostrava.
  11. The valley is than a hill.
  12. Jack came of all and we have been waiting for him for an hour.
  13. This homework is done than the previous one.
  14. Our car is very old and it goes of all.
  15. The bottom of the lake was than we had thought.


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Obtížnost:Mírně pokročilý / B1-B2

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