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Ustálená předložková spojení – slovesa 1 / Prepositional phrases – Verbs 1


Doplňte do každé věty správnou předložku (from, on). / Complete each sentence with the correct preposition (from, on).

Verbs 1

  1. She resigned her job after she was offered another with more responsibility and a higher salary.
  2. He might come. It will depend how he feels.
  3. You must concentrate the road when you’re driving!
  4. He got very annoyed and insisted seeing the manager.
  5. The surgeon operated her immediately and saved her life.
  6. I decided to retire my job early even though it meant I wouldn’t get such a good pension.
  7. It will take her weeks to recover such a major operation so she won’t be back at work for some time.
  8. We had security men on the door to prevent unwanted guests  getting into the party.
  9. I’ve sent her a card to **congratulate her ** passing her test.
  10. The bank wouldn’t lend me the money so I had to **borrow it **  my parents.
  11. This design slightly differs the first one I showed you.
  12. suffer backache so I have to go to a physiotherapist once a week.
  13. After weeks of discussion they’ve finally decided  the new colour scheme for the staff canteen.
  14. They managed to escape the prison by bribing a guard.
  15. You can rely Mary to keep you up to date with all the latest gossip.


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