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Předložkové vazby (in) / Phrases with "in"


Doplňte vhodný výraz. / Complete each sentence to create a correct phrase.


  1. We don’t share any interests. We have nothing IN  .
  2. It was difficult but i finally did it. I did it IN  .
  3. That was a mistake. It was sent to you IN  .
  4. This is what everyone is wearing. This dress in IN 
  5. Slow down! You’re always IN .
  6. You need a pen. Your answers must be IN  .
  7. ‘Keen on’ is not strong enough. She’s obviously IN  .
  8. He won’t be long. He’ll be here IN .
  9. Keep your papers tidy. Keep them IN .
  10. It must hurt a lot. You can see she’s IN  .
  11. I like pop music in general and rock music IN  .
  12. That’s what happens nowadays. It was different IN  .
  13. The glass had been smashed. We found it IN  .
  14. She says one thing in private and another IN  .
  15. It works in theory but I’m not sure it’ll work IN  .


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Naposledy otevřeno:17.září 2021 6:40
Obtížnost:Pokročilý / C1-C2

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