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Ustálená předložková spojení – slovesa+podst. jm. 1 / Prep. phrases – Verb+noun+prep. 1


Doplňte do každé věty správnou předložku (with, of, on, to, from). / Complete each sentence with the correct preposition (with,of, on, to, from).

Verb + noun + preposition 1

  1. She took advantage her father’s good mood and asked if her boyfriend could stay for dinner.
  2. Was anybody paying attention what she was saying?
  3. Could you take care our dog while we’re on holiday?
  4. She took charge the project when Mr. Black was away.
  5. I’ve lost count the number of times he’s said that.
  6. Could you keep an eye the washing while I’m out?
  7. I wish she wouldn’t make such a fuss her nephew! You can see he really hates it.
  8. Take no notice him! He’s just showing off!
  9. The salesman started to put pressure her to sign the agreement straightaway.
  10. While I was watching the match, I caught sight  them standing at the back of the crowd.
  11. We must put a stop all this arguing.
  12. Don’t forget you’ll have to pay tax that money you earned, so you’re not as rich as you thought you were!
  13. He’s very shy so it’s not easy to make friends her  him.
  14. I finally made contact him at his New York office.
  15. She’s made a remarkable recovery her illness.


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