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Graffiti – nothing new

Graffiti is nothing new and it (1) around for a long time. During the Second World War the words „Kilroy was here“ (2)  in many countries. In the middle of the 20th century street gangs in the USA used graffiti (3)  marking their territories. In the 70s graffiti became (4)  for hundreds of New York City teenagers and the first graffiti writing groups started to form. This new lifestyle was massively influenced by the hip-hop culture. Hip-hop with (5)  rapping, break dancing, attitude and graffiti became a way to show anger, humour or to express an opinion. Nobody knows who started graffiti during this era (6)  we do know who inspired people to start ‚tagging‘ (writing their nickname in (7)  artistic way). It was TAKI 183 and it happened in 1969. TAKI 183 was a teenager from (8)  named emetrius. He lived on 183rd Street in New York and his nickname was Taki, (9)  his tag became TAKI 183. He wrote it everywhere he went and people copied (10)  . Soon graffiti was all over (11) city and it started spreading across America. Railroad and subway trains became very popular for graffiti because it could (12)  by many people, from the poorest to the richest neighbourhoods. But it wasn’t simply how many times people could write their name on a wall or a train (13)  was important, but also the style they did it with. The style of graffiti (14)  a lot since 1969. Nowadays, you (15) see graffiti almost everywhere, even in galleries and in books about art.


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