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Fill in the gap in the following sentences.

  1. Jane will be allowed stay with us till the morning.
  2. I will have get up very early.
  3. He will able to help us.
  4. I use your dictionary?
  5. I did not to wait at the dentist´s as I had made an appointment with him.
  6. She must have aware of it.
  7. My father did not to undergo the operation.
  8. You may heard about this event.
  9. I have allowed to be there.
  10. In summer he go swimming in every weather.
  11. Shall we to change?
  12. He could done it quite easily.
  13. I will not be to come in time.
  14. You can´t allowed it!
  15. You need apologize.


Přidáno:4.srpna 2009 23:26
Naposledy otevřeno:22.února 2020 22:46
Obtížnost:Pokročilý / C1-C2

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